Air Bed for Bedsores Prevention System

Water Bed

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  • Non-Return Valve to Prevent Back Flow.
  • Twin Function, Can be Used As Air Mattress.
  • Single Piece Die Made.
  • Medical Grade P.V.C
  • Non-Toxic / Hypoallergenic
  • Re-Enforcements to Maintain the Shape.
  • Double Pasting on Sides to Prevent Leakage.
  • Washable/Easy to Clean.
  • Internationally Recommended Size(70"X34").
    (Remains Inside The Bed Frame to Prevent)
    (Damage From Trolleys and Attendants)
  • Puncture Kit Provided with Every Bed.
  • Three Months Warranty Against any Manufacturing Defect ¬†Except Puncture.
For Long Life of the Product Please Keep it Away From Excessive Heat and Sharp Edged Objects
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