Air Bed for Bedsores Prevention System

Anti-Decubitis Air Pump & Bubble Mattress (OLA Airbed)

Model No.: Q1-02+250E (Made in Taiwan) 

The OLA bubble mattress series is a high quality and affordable air support surface system for pressure ulcer prevention and treatment. It has been specifically designed for prevention of bedsores.

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Power supply : On/Off Switch
Pressure : Adjust Knob
Pressure: 50 ~ 105 mmHg
Air output : 5 liter/min
Cycle time : 6 min
Dimensions : 28 x 13 x 8.5 cm
Weight : 1.1 kg
Power supply 230V/50Hz; 12W, 1A
Safety Standard : UL, CE
Material : PVC
Bubbles : 2.5" x 130 Bubbles
Weight support: 100Kg
Dimensions 198 x 89 x 6.3
Repair kit including  
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