Air Bed for Bedsores Prevention System

Interchangable 4” Cell Mattress System (OLA Elegant)

Model No.: Q2-01+418E (Made in Taiwan)

OLA Elegant is a durable NYLON with PVC inside of material which is soft to the skin and provide patient more comfortable and effective to release pressure sores occur with removable cover has the function of water-proof to attach on the mattress to avoid the urine infiltrating.

The 18 air tubes install separately and if any of them is blotted or damaged, the single air tube is changeable and easy to replacement.

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Power supply : On/Off Switch
Pressure : Adjust Knob
Pressure Indicator : Normal / Low
Pressure: 30 ~ 80 mmHg
Air output : 7 liter
Cycle time : 12 min
Dimensions : 28.0 x 10.0 x 20.5 cm
Weight : 2.6 kg
Power supply 230V/50Hz; 12W, 1A
Safety Standard : UL, CE
Cell Material : Nylon/PVC
Cover : Nylon/PVC with snap button
Cells : 4" x 18cells
Weight support: 150Kg
Dimensions 75" x 34" x 4"
CPR for Quick Air Release, with Water Proof Cover
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